A secure mobile marketplace designed exclusively for college students.


NeoBook provides a quick and easy way for students to buy and sell their textbooks and other items. Our student verification process ensures that our users will have the confidence of knowing that they will engage in a transaction with a fellow peer.

How It Works

The Buyer

  • Upon creating a profile, the buyer is prompted to the NeoFeed, where they can search for items that they wish to purchase.
  • When a desired item is found, the buyer can purchase the item for the price that is listed.
  • The buyer will then be led to a chat section, where they can coordinate a time to meet up with the seller right on campus!

The Seller

  • Upon selecting the sell tab, the seller will be prompted to their phone camera where they can take pictures of the item that they wish to sell.
  • The seller lists the name of the item, a brief description, the price, and the condition of the item, which will then list that item on the NeoFeed.


Our platform verifies our user base as university students so that our users are guaranteed to buy and sell with their fellow colleagues.



Our platform creates a hyperlocal marketplace which eliminates the shipping process of buying and selling items. By meeting up on your college campus, transactions can be completed in a matter of hours or even minutes!



College students are burdened with the high prices of textbooks and other items, and are unfortunately subject to inconvenient and risky ways to buy and sell items. By creating a hyperlocal marketplace, NeoBook provides a platform that ultimately leads to savings for buyers, and easy liquidity for sellers.